Short Takes: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Short Takes: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I WONDER how long it will take after the event is finished before the car hoons start trying to emulate the feats of the Supercar drivers maybe then people might start to think this race track wasn’t such a good idea.

Barry Reed,IslingtonI MUST admit, when it comes to highly flammable asbestos riddled through Hamilton South housing estate, or as I prefer to call it “The Estate at South Hamilton” my concerns fall on deaf ears! A car is burned out in Fowler Street at 3am last night, and by 5.20am it’s gone.

Mark Sheerin,Hamilton SouthI AM impressed with Judith Galvin’s historical analysis of the preservation of the East End heritage buildings (Letters, 24/10). Like Sydney’s Rocks area, if the community had not have opposed its development, then it would have been lost forever. Newcastle needs to safeguard its heritage from the ever present threat of development.

Kim Cross,MetfordWE the people of the Hunter are so happy to hear calls for Andrew Constance to stand down. Michael Cassel should go too. They come up here and ruin Newcastle. We do not need his input. We all know Scott Street is too narrow, an absolute bottleneck. Alan Squire and Therese Doyle spoke sense at the meeting in the Town Hall. We can have the light rail and buildings on the corridor where they belong. Weneed to compromise.

George Tattersell, New LambtonIT’S time for John Safran to return to Africa to a voodoo chief and rid the curse of the Jets marquee signings. Wishing Ronny Vargas a speedy and healthy recovery.

Rocco De Grandis, Cameron ParkWHY do people allow there cats to roam around? They mess my yard up and kill natives. Cat owners are irresponsible.

Matt Kelaher,MayfieldWORKING in the food industry health standards are a must. So why, day in, day out, do I see restaurant and other food workers taking smoke breaks and returning to work without following safe food regulations. It is illegal to smoke while wearing aprons, chefs coats or any food preparation clothing. You are also required to wash your hands when returning from a break. We don’t have smokers at work and I bet if you own a restaurant employing non smokers is a lot more profitable than workers who smoke. The sight of food handlers smoking outside a business will never win me over as a potential customer.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayI TOTALLY agree our coastguard belongs close to shore, ie Nobbys. I think Newcastle council are more about cash ‘n’ grab so it would be perfect place for… wait for it… NCC coffee hub. Fit six cars so a permanent parking ranger sits under a No Stopping sign, eating cake. Lol.

Michael Casey,MerewetherTHE POLLSHOW often do you visit your local bank branch?

Every day 5.74%, Once a week 12.3%,Once a month 24.59%,Almost never 57.38%WHAT attraction is Newcastle missing?

A big thing 7.69%,An opera house 11.54%,An exhibition centre 52.56%,More luxury accommodation 6.41%,A big annual event – like Supercars 21.79%