Short Takes: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Short Takes: Saturday, October 28, 2017

A QUESTION regarding the citizenship drama: How did the first few federal Parliaments get on? Surely most, if not all, the membersthen would have had parents or would themselves have been born overseas?Is it right that until early in the 20th century, n-born ns were considered (or were) British subjects? If so when did it change?

Fred Saunders,Waratah WestMALCOLM Turnbull has now blamed Labor for everything except Tony Abbott’s bald spot. Give him time though.

Mac Maguire, CharlestownNEWY, Newie, Novocastria (Letters, 27/10)? Of course Newcastle (by any other name) is just Newcastle. But I wonder why no one has ever called it Newc’sle, you know, like fo’c’sle, where the hard working crew tries to sleep during the thrashing of the storm while the captain and officers swan it up in the relative comfort of amidships. Perhaps Sydney could be renamed Amidships.

Peter Ronne,WoodberryWHENEVERI have out-of-town visitors I take them on a tour of the city, beaches, etc. During the last three months, it has been so simple, just follow the detour signs, but point out that there are many places where we just cannot drive. Thankfully, we still have the Anzac Memorial Walk.

Joan Lambert, AdamstownWITH all the discussions about assisted dying, a thought occurred to me that if a person really wanted to die they would find a way. The proposed assisted method suggests anuncertainty by the person where, in reality another person, doctor or whatever is involved in making the decision for them (and possibly blamed).

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca HeadsTENS of thousands got into Nobbys without fuss on Anzac Day. Supercars will be fine. Do people forget a city can handle events and thousands of people?

Name supplied, RedheadTO Alan Kendall (Letters, 26/10): It’s hard-working ns who donate to church-administered charities that deserve thanks. To see money given in good faith being used to cover up and defend paedophiles is appalling. You failed to mention the Catholic and Anglican churches in your letter. The Salvos are fantastic but it’s us sinners who put cash in the box on a Friday when the Salvos come to the clubs and pubs, it’s the gamblers and boozers who won’t be going to heaven you should be thanking.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayLOOK out, we may have a plebiscite on our hands on when we may celebrate Day. I wonder if it’s going to be ns who only vote?

Ross Jurd, EdgeworthTHE POLLSSHOULD the Knights re-sign Sione Mata’utia after 2018?

Yes 79.84%,No 20.16%IS Pearce within reach for the Knights?

Yes 52.11%,No 47.89%