Short Takes: Friday, October 27, 2017

Short Takes: Friday, October 27, 2017

THE council boss says that the fact that a licensing fee was paid to Supercars should have been well known to the public. Perhaps if they had put this information on one of their spin sheets then the newer members of council would not have had to ask this question. I understand the previous premier mentioned $2 million paid to Supercars to allow them to rip up our parks.

John Hudson, Newcastle EastLET me get this straight. Our council paid a large sum of our money – how large they refuse to disclose – to host an event which Supercars could not place anywhere else, which has hurt small businesses, laid waste much of our city’s cultural and architectural heritage, destroyed and alienated our parklands, and rendered many thousands of citizens, many frail and elderly, prisoners in their own homes.An inquiry into this disaster is welcome, but our lord mayor needs to disclose the amount paid to host the races. Otherwise, what did she mean when she spoke of honest and transparent government?

John Beach, GoondiwindiBRAD Hill (Short Takes, 26/10): What a great idea using the Supercars track to race monster trucks. At least all those monstrous mine dumpsters won’t be thrown on the scrap heap when coal meets its maker. It would have to be held during the day as there won’t be enough candles to illuminate the track at night.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayAFTER a recent illness I have been confined to the house and watched TV. It is now obvious that in order to be on daytime TV you will have to know how to cook, be gay, have a fire in your house in Melbourne or Brisbane (nothing happens in NSW), run your car into a house in Adelaide, but the worst is the funeral and life insurance commercials, not good for me.

John Maxwell Hollingsworth, HamiltonLOVE your idea of Super Truck racing, Brad Hill (Short Takes, 26/10). Pity the new track hadn’t been built in open space and inventive ideas would have meant year round rev head jubilation rather than inner city desecration.

Susan Macleod, Newcastle EastI WENT to Newcastle on a rare visit yesterday and noticed that Beaumont Street was closed because of trackwork. We really have to thank our government for desecrating our railway system.

John Brattan, ThorntonBEFORE the Herald readers dare to wonder if you and I get married if the same-sex plebiscite passes the senate Dave McTaggart, I hope you’re tasting a few more n-made beers instead of the concern of my whereabouts. As for the Knights outperforming the Jets, gladly in the wooden spoon department.

Rocco De Grandis, Cameron ParkTHE POLLSTHE Newcastle light rail is:

A great improvement on the city’s infrastructure 50%,It’s too early to say. Wait to see when it is finished. 28.31%,The worst thing to happen in town 21.69%