Celebrate the release of Thor Ragnarok by showing your hammer

Celebrate the release of Thor Ragnarok by showing your hammer

BIG THUMPER: Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, will make an appearance in the newly released film, Thor Ragnarok, which prompts us to ask – What’s your favourite hammer? #ShowYourHammerONE of the biggest movies of the year opens this week with ThorRagnorok coming to n cinemas on October 26.
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It’s the third film for Marvel’s Thor, played by Aussie Chris Hemsworth, and directed by New Zealander,Taika Waititi.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor, holding his preferred tool of the trade, a hammer. #ShowYourHammer Picture courtesy Paramount Pictures.

The film has been generating generally positive reviews and considerable review at its overseas openings and most movie analysts are expecting it to do the same here.

What’s it got to do with rural industry? Well, nothing really… except that Thor has a hammer, and that seemed like enough of an excuse to celebrate the movie’s launch by putting a call out to farmers and producers to“Show Your Hammer”.

Every shed and workshop has a hammer–sledge, claw, ball pein, club, plus rubber and wooden mallets (they classify)and so on.

Thor fans, take a pic and #ShowYourHammer Good Fruit & Vegetable’s editor Ashley Walmsley gets into the spirit of Thor Ragnarok, minus the Chris Hemsworth good-looks. #ShowYourHammer

A great generic shot of someone (probably a man) with a hammer. #ShowYourHammer

Hammer time, you’re honour. If you’re a judge and you’re reading this, please post a photo of you wielding a similar hammer. #ShowYourHammer

Yep, that’s a hammer on the right, for sure. #ShowYourHammer

This isn’t Thor on his day job, however he seems pretty adept at using a hammer. Could he also summon thunder? Who knows. #ShowYourHammer

Sometimes all you need is a good sledge hammer. #ShowYourHammer

Here is a hammer in action. #ShowYourHammer

It’s not going to drive in any nails but an auctioneer’s hammer can sure have some impact, especially on the housing market. #ShowYourHammer

Again, Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, this time with a bit of a crack in it. What could that mean? #ShowYourHammer

A hammer with creative lighting always goes down well. #ShowYourHammer

TweetFacebook #ShowYourHammer GalleryDo your best Thor pose and show off your hammer!So take a photo of yourself or someone holding aloft your favourite, best or interesting hammer in a suitable Thor-like pose and post to social media with the hashtag– #ShowYourHammer.

Come on–be proud of your hammer. #ShowYourHammer